Sunday, March 26, 2006

Philadelphia Freedom

The Toledo Cherokee defeated the Motor City Chiefs by a score of 8-1... That, coupled with St. Louis' 5-1 victory over Cleveland, means that Toledo gets an automatic bid to the National Championship tournament to be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cleveland still has a chance of qualifying today for a National bid, but I'll worry about that later. Toledo will be in the field of 12 come Friday night... Now we're not done with this weekend yet... Toledo will square off with St. Louis again today for the Hurster Cup... the symbol of the CSHL playoff championship. But since St. Louis has already qualified for the Nationals by finishing the regular season in first place, We get the 2nd bid to nationals since we are playing them in the title game. I can't wait. I'm telling you I cannot wait. For some of our players, this is their last season of their careers, and they have never been to nationals... ever. This is so awesome to see them get so excited about this... I was hugging everyone on the bus on the way back to the hotel... Plus, for our rookies, this is equally an awesome time. Last night, after the game, all of the parents and family members and the coaching staff, went out to tie one on because of the win. I thought about it but since I was starving, I opted to pick up some italian and have it delivered and walked to the bar downstairs and have a couple of pops and relax in my room... I'm exhausted... But ohhh, what a feeling... We're going to nationals.... that's right!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!!!!


Ophelia said...

Congratulations! I'm happy for you.

Jackson said...

woohoo! That is so great :) I am so happy for you! It feels great doesn't it?! You get to go on another roadtrip now, or will this one be by plane? Keep in touch cause I wanna listen :)