Saturday, July 21, 2012


wholly cow, it's been almost a month! Sorry about that everybody. Its been a whirlwind for me over the last 4 weeks or so. Many thanks to those of you who via facebook wished me a happy birthday. The funny part is that I don't use or visit facebook. The only time I know anything is going on is when I get the e-mails telling me what's going on in the community. That's how I found out people wished me a happy birthday... I don't know much on how to facebook or twitter or any of the other social mediums that are out there. I barely know how to do this blog and have been so busy that I'm doing a lousy job with it.  Mostly busy with getting ready for the fall sports season and have been getting in as much quality with the the gal pal... lol... as I can. She is not a big fan of my sports broadcasting travel. However she can tune into most all of my games online so she's never far from me. I'm glad for that...
Football (high school version) will be starting up in a month and college and pro shortly thereafter. Then a month after that the hockey grind starts all over again which brings joy to the gal pal... NOT. Especially when I have to travel far from home. Last year's showcase was in Chicago. This year it's Minnesota. So that's almost a whole week of vacation time where I don't spend it in person with her... Did I mention she doesn't like hockey? lol.. But other than that imperfection, there is no other like her on this earth. She is THE ONE for me and for those of you wondering when I'm going to "pop the question"... it won't be immediate BUT...let's just say it'll be sooner rather than later... MUCH... SO THERE!!