Monday, March 28, 2011

Feeling Blue... and happily so!

So,the great battle of OSU and UK completed and UK upset the number one team in all the land, I have to deal with the gal pal reminding how great her team is... I don't mind though. I text her during the game and told her that I was pulling for UK. She was so happy when UK won in what was arguably the best game of the tournament so far. Then yesterday, UK struck down North Carolina and advanced to the final four... This has made my better half sooooooooo delirious with the thought of another championship dancing around in her head. I have to admit that I'm happy too. Namely cause she's a happy camper right now because her team wasn't expected to do what they're doing in this tournament. Plus I'm a Kentucky fan now too. Keeps the peace that

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tip Off

Man oh man,
Talk about if I had didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all... Well, the Cherokee lost in the playoffs for hockey and got eliminated. So when I broadcast the Hurster Cup this week, it'll be totally unbiased (and only mildly interested). To make things more interesting this week, my gal pal and I both are in my NCAA basketball tournament pool. And her very favorite team who she is ferverent and wildly passionate about, the Kentucky Wildcats, play this friday. I've become a Kentucky fan for basketball. I enjoy watching the tradition and how the fans are the most rabid I've seen for basketball. My only problem is that I was born and raised an Ohio State fan. I was also raised a Notre Dame fan. But since they got bounced early, I still have the Buckeyes. So now the other half, she is telling me that I'm not a real UK fan. I am a UK fan. But I don't have the time invested in them like I do Ohio State. Its not that I don't want Kentucky to win on Friday night. But I don't want to see the Buckeyes lose either. My sweetie is giving me loving, playful hints about the game on Friday night... ("prepare to die Buckeyes!!") lol... But OSU is the overwhelming favorite going into this game. I'm not saying too much cause I know how passionate she is about her Cats. For her, it's so much more. I told her if the Wildcats win, then I would pull for UK. I asked her if she would do the same if OSU won... of course she said "Heck NO"... So when I get home Friday night. She'll have the game on at her house, and I'll have the game on at mine. But we won't have anything to do with each other until Saturday.... this is serious wars have been started over less...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Luck of the Irish?? Really?

Hey guys,
Thanks to all of you who came around and visited and prayed for me and my family. Still haven't heard from my family down south, but I've let it go... If it's going to happen, then it will happen. I've spent the last week and a half having to look at reality. Took Terri to her doctor's appointment and they decided to admit her immediately. She had to have more surgery the next day. They told us she's a medical mystery. She had the double mastectomy and when they did an MRI to check her for more walls of tumors, there were none. But there were six pockets of fluid along the chest cavity and they had to go back in and remove those. She's got them stumped. I just say God has a definite plan for her and I think He has a sense of humor. So she gets out of the hospital and Ang, my kid sister who had a double mastectomy a few months ago, calls me out of the blue and says that she's in the ER with her youngest who broke his arm in two places. They're going to need to do surgery on his arm because of the severity of the break. If I didn't know better, I'd say that someone's messing with my process. It feels that way sometimes. But I know better than that. I think that's why God has put so many cool people in my path. A lot of you guys and people in my day to day life have gone through far worse than me and have survived to let your tests be your testimony. Me, I am doing pretty good. Even as crazy as things have been here lately, I know that we're doing alright. Heading to Peoria to broadcast playoff hockey games this weekend (Fri, Sat)... Seven hours on a bus with a bunch of hockey players... ugh... But it's what I love to do... And it's a bit of normalcy for me and it lets me know that God has blessed me with a great sense of relief and gives me more life to look forward to... Hope you made your March Madness NCAA picks :)

Monday, March 07, 2011

One For The Books...

Don't know how to feel...
Got a call from Terri who told me that one of my favorite Aunts had passed away. That was sad, no question. I hadn't talked to or seen my aunt in quite a while (before we lost my dad). But I always had warm thoughts about her. I spent some time in her house right after I graduated from high school as a kid. She lived in Texas and I wanted a change. I didn't last too long (something about there not being any snow... aka home sickness) and I headed back up north before too long. Our family had bonded with her and her kids more than any other relatives. Which made this such a weird situation. Terri got a call from my dad's brother who lives a couple of hours from where my aunt did, just to check on the family. He mentioned my aunt in passing and it turns out she passed away last month! Uh, what? Absolutely no one bothered to call us to tell us about her... She has 10 kids so you'd figure someone might want to drop us a line... But we didn't get one call, note, email or anything... I'm sure it was simply an oversight. But it made those of us north of the Mason-Dixon line feel pretty lousy. Especially because we couldn't grieve with them or go down to pay respects... nothing... I was a little ticked off at first but then I figured that it probably wasn't intentional. We can still pray for her and for them. Has anything like that ever happened to you? This was a first for me... it was weird... just plain weird...