Friday, October 19, 2012

Rise and Fall...30 years later

Can't wait for Halloween... not cause I'm a ghouls and goblins fan... not even. But I love seeing the little kids get made up and I like passing out candy to them. Lets me get in touch with my childhood. I'm such a dork. But I like being a dork. With the weather turning colder here, I'm in sports broadcasting full bore and of course that means not as much time with the gal pal... But she puts up with me. Instead of flowers for sweetest day, I sent Sherri's Berries (dipped in a couple of different types of chocolate and nuts)... It keeps her happy and in good spirits. And it keeps me in her good graces. 
Last weekend, I had the good fortune of attending my high school reunion for the first time ever. 30 year reunion. Yikes I'm getting old. But it was fun to see some friends from years ago. Sad to find out that for a dozen of those from my class who have gone from here too soon. But I knew how far I had come when I ran into a couple of old flames who both looked fantastic after all this time. One looked at me like I was from Mars when I said hello and smiled and nodded and later kept looking at me when I said so long as I was leaving. I tried to be a cordial as could be but she had her weird snooty look so I just let it go and laughed and walked away. The other was someone I had treasured and thought as a good friend and when she saw me she came over and hugged me. Asked how I was and I gave her my stock response (oh, I have a pulse so I'm good)... We were about to start a conversation when at that very moment, several people came over to say hello to her. Not to me, but just her. She was very popular in high school.... I wasn't... no big deal for me. I just said hello to a couple of other people I knew and hung out with them most of the night. While I was there, I texted the gal pal and she thought it was all funny. I told her I really missed her and wished she was in town and at this shin-dig with me. Having to endure heartbreaks, disappointments, letdowns, only to finally find a little woman from the Appalachians, who in her quietness and strength and from her wheelchair, made me realize what I didn't know 30, 20, 10 or 5 years ago... that she was and is so worth the wait. So much better than any of the females of my past. She is my future...