Sunday, May 24, 2009

Take Two...

Ahhh... Greetings from the work place... (zzzzzz...)
I had the chance a little while ago to pop a movie in my laptop but my pickings were very slim. So I had all of one movie to pop in the DVD player. It was a sequel to a classic movie. Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice.... wholly smokes... it was bad... or should I say, wholly CRAP! One of the worst sequels I've ever seen. It's without a doubt the most brutal sequel of all time. And I've seen some awful ones... for some reason, Caddyshack II pops up near the top of the list. Mighy Ducks 3 is about in the same boat. So it got me thinking... what's the worst movie sequel you've ever seen. Most sequels aren't that good to begin with... But there are some good ones... Like the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. The "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy was alright too. But there have been some real lemons... And I was wondering, what's the worst sequel that you've ever seen... Hope this finds you in good spirits and a grateful mindset... Have a great Memorial Day! And to all who have served, and those that sacrificed and those who survive them... Thank You so much and God Bless you... We are in your debt.

Monday, May 11, 2009

And The Winner Is (well, um, was)...

First off, many thanks to all who offered recipe ideas in the comments and via e-mail (even Dirk who suggested I just go pick something up at the store... believe me Dirk, I thought about it)... I promise that I'm going to try each and every recipe idea that I received from you all. And I will report it in these pages when I do... But I narrowed it down to one choice and the winner was something that I've made before. The last time I made this was about a year and a half ago when I made it for my gal pal's church for their tuesday night ministry. I had forgot about it until a friend of mine sent me a note to remind me that I made it before and it was so easy a ten year old could've made it. (which means I barely qualify).... The history of this tasty treat was that a co-worker made it originally and called it "Candy Shoppe Pizza". However I added more toppings (the candy) and when I presented it at work, because of all the chocolate and candy involved, the girls re-dubbed it "PMS Pizza"... so here's the recipe and directions to make this. It's so easy that even MIK can do it....

PMS Pizza:

a regular size tube of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough
a half cup of semi sweet chocolate chips
a half cup of peanut butter
6 to 8 candy bars, chopped up

a 12-inch pizza pan

set oven at 350 degrees (farrenheit).
Take cookie dough and spread it entirely onto pizza pan and bake as one big cookie.
When cookie is done baking, take cookie out of the oven and turn oven off. Then pour chocolate chips and peanut butter on middle of cookie and place back into oven so that the chocolate chips and peanut butter can soften. Meanwhile, chop up the candy bars.
Next, spread the chocolate chips and peanut butter mix to coat the cookie. leave about a half inch or an inch edge around the outside of the cookie. Remember, this is supposed to look like a pizza with pizza sauce on it.
Put the "toppings" on the "sauce". As for what candy bars to put on, my general rule of thumb is to use about three different types of candy bars. Allow to cool a couple of hours in the fridge and cut the pizza up to serve as you wish... serves 8-10 people

Different combinations that I use:

Almond Joy, Snickers, Twix

Milky Way, York Peppermint Patties, Zero bars

(my personal favorite) is:

Snickers, Almond Joy, Butterfinger

note: you can add more or less toppings to whatever your taste desires... this one is whatever tastes good to you... again, thanks to all who gave me ideas... I mean it when I say that I'm going to try each of the recipes that you all sent me... I let you know when I do it...

Monday, May 04, 2009

A (Culinary) Cry For Help...

I've been going from one thing to another and I've been trying to get some things done. As per usual, I am in a constant state of hurried nuttiness. And it always seems to be the case that when I've got a busy schedule, I need to make food for a potluck. Oh perfect... just what I need. I'm a guy who can't cook. Let's put it this way: anytime I need to get something done food wise, I either:

A) Go to the grocery store and buy something
B) Go to a restaurant and order something to take
C) "Uh, hello? Terri? It's your brother. Wait! don't hang up!"

And since I need to whip something up for this weekend for a potluck of about ten folks, I want to break tradition and actually MAKE SOMETHING... But being an inept cook/baker/disaster in a bowl, I want to make something that is easy and quick to make, that an absolute clod like me can put together without burning down my house or bringing bodily harm to me or anyone around me. I thought about the always reliable multi-layer taco dip, but I'm not going to do that again. I do it every time that I try to make something and it's predictable. Since most of my readership is female, I'm going throw myself at your mercy and humbly ask if you've got any ideas for an appetizer of some sort that I can make that won't have someone calling 9-1-1 while I'm in the kitchen, I'd be forever in your debt... any ideas?