Thursday, March 02, 2006

40 Winks, 10 Pins, and 3 A's...

I had the day off from work today... woo-hoo! I slept in till almost 9:30 am. Oh did I feel so relaxed. I didn't want to get up and start my day, but I got up and hit the shower... I walked out to my car to go and get some breakfast and the car was coated in ice... I love winter for the most part. But I can not stand freezing rain... I hate it... So I started the car up and blasted the defrost in my car and went back inside to let the car warm up, and turned on my XM radio full blast and was actually jumping around a bit, playing some air guitar. I'm such a dork! But y'know what? I'm okay with that!
Saw my nephew tonight. Haven't seen him and talked with him in a while. He told me that he just got his grade card from school... 3 A's and a couple of B's... the kid did pretty good. I was/am proud of him. My sister said that he got two copies of his grades sent to her house by accident. My sister joked that the school probably sent her two copies because they wanted to make sure she would believe him... I chuckled about that... for the record, my nephew has always been a C average student... He's taken it up a notch and I'm happy about that. He and his friends got together tonight and did what I am beginning to think is the national sport of Toledo... BOWLING! The locals here have a saying... 'hey it's Toledo- let's go bowling!' I've probably been bowling twice in the last 15 years... must've been drinks involved! That's the only reason I can think of for doing it... ha!

Ahhh! Tomorrow is Friday and I am tickled pink... PAYDAY! Need I say more! Yippee-doo!

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