Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cruise Control

So, Terri's double mastectomy went without a hitch. She's still hospitalized but is hanging in there. Typical of her. She appreciates all the prayers... so do I. That's been the big deal going on in my world right now. I'm trying to keep calm and peaceful through all of this. For the most part, I am... afterall, I'm not the one getting major surgery and having a major part of my body removed. As a friend remarked to me today about my family's situation: "is there a black cloud following you?" No there is no black cloud following me or my family. I have faith that my family is going through this for a reason. God knows that reason. I don't. But that is not going to shake my faith. I believe we're going to be okay. It'll be a struggle at times, but it will be surmountable. Other than that, not much else happening. It'll get better here though. It's not a deep freeze right now. It seems weird that it goes up to a frosty 23 degrees and I feel that is a warm up of some sort. But a cooling trend is on the way... down to single digits again this weekend... OH YIPEEEE...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Thin Ice... Splat!

ahhhhh... I love the ice. Every weekend, I get to go to a rink whether our home rink, or if we're on the road, we get to go where there's ice. I love the ice. There is something spiritual for me when I put on skates and go for the occasional skate. I don't do it that often anymore, but when I do, it feels wonderful. It really does allow me to clear the senses and free my mind from all the stress and crud that goes on... I have always had a deep respect for the ice. I got up for work yesterday and went outside to get to the post office and then to work. I felt an odd feeling as I went to close the door. It was ice. The same ice that I treasure within the confines of a rink. The same ice that I get such a rush from when I lace up the skates. The ice that wasn't visible with the naked eye that I stepped on. Of course my natural instinct was to try and catch my balance and avoid going to the ground. Ooops! Bad move on my part. I ended up doing the splits, my feet going out from under me and SPLAT!!! Splat was funny when I watched the Road Runner cartoons on tv as a kid. When the Coyote's endless supply of cash would buy weapons galore from the Acme company to knock off the Road Runner, he inevitably would screw everything up and fall from high altitude locations and go SPLAT on the ground. After yesterday, as I sit here feeling a little more stiff and sore, I can appreciate what ol' Wyle E. Coyote- super genius- went through every time he went down... Some day I hope he gets that dang Road Runner!! Splat indeed!!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Look Ahead...

So here we are, our tootsies barely dipped into the sea of 2011 and already it's just crazy. After the senseless violence in Arizona, it puts things in total perspective. Sad... terribly sad. Prayers go out to the victims and their families.
In lighter fare, had a great Christmas and New Year's. Got to spend some time with the gal pal and that was humorous. Watched lots of sports (not exactly an interest of hers) but I took time out to put the first season of "Castle" in the DVD player. We watched all 12 episodes... we are so But I needed the time with her where we just took it easy and relaxed. I always feel rejuvenated and recharged when I spend time with her. She is my future. No doubt about it. My sister Terri's double mastectomy is on the 24th... Say a prayer if you would please be so kind?
My question to you all is what is your New Year's resolution for 2011? Or at least one of them... Mine is to spend some more time with the gal pal. She wants me around and she is always so patient in putting up with me. So I feel that I've got to try and do that for her. That's mine, what's yours?