Sunday, February 11, 2007

Getting (Flint) Stoned on My Mom's Birthday

Feeling a little surley tonight. The Cherokee took it on the chin this weekend as we were dealt two huge losses by Flint. A 7-3 blowout on Saturday night and a 3-2 heartbreaker on Sunday. I got home on Sunday night feeling more relieved than anything. The players couldn't shower after the game on saturday night at the rink because the pipes had frozen and there was no hot water. So they hopped on the bus and we all headed back to the motel to let them get showered and go get something to eat. Well, some of the rooms at the motel didn't have warm water either. I think only twice when I flushed my toilet, did the water actually go down. And it had nothing to do with the mexican food I ate for supper... I'm such a dork!
Anyway, today would've been my mom's birthday. So I say happy birthday mom. I don't write nearly as much about her as I have my father. But I think it's because she passed when I was a freshman in high school and that was many years ago. But that doesn't take away from the fact that she did have a lasting impact on my life. At first, in a very negative way. My mom had emotional issues. After she passed, I had a very negative view of her. She had a temper the likes I've never seen and a mouth to match. She could make a sailor blush. I think I picked that aspect of her behavior up early in my life. For the longest time, I used to blame her for a lot of the failure I had early in my life. It was a convenient escape. But I chose to feel that way. I learned that behavior and thrived in it. It wasn't until I found out about her childhood that I realized how childish and stupid I really was. Her childhood made mine look like an episode of the Brady Bunch. It was horrible. Very horrible. I know that my childhood was pretty nasty, but compared to hers... no comparison. The fact that she survived and was able to love and find something resembling a life, is nothing short of miraculous. I am always reminded of my favorite mom memory. She had just been down at the neighbors in the middle of a heated arguement. She comes back home, just a little ticked off to say the least. The neighbor later that afternoon, has a nervous breakdown and ends up being transported to the hospital. My mom goes over to the neighbor's house and starts making tortillas and other food for the eight kidsthat our neighbor had. They asked her 'why' since they argued earlier in the day. My mom didn't even blink an eye and explained how insignificant that disagreement was and how important family is at times like this. When my mom passed, that family was right there grieving with us... My mom touched a lot of people even though she had a rough life. When I feel challenged by the crap that goes on in my life these days, I think of others and draw inspiration from them to keep a good attitude. Today, I'm thinking of my mom and I know that she did the best she could under very trying circumstances. But it's okay. Mom, you did good... you did real good. I'm proud to say you were my mom... and thanks for teaching me about what's good in the world and to look for the good in people. Happy Birthday... love you lots...

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