Friday, February 24, 2006


Today... It was a day that... well, a day that saw me do absolutely nothing. A big happy birthday to Ophelia. I hope that you enjoyed your day Opehlia... Your country's Olympic hockey team gave you a nice gift in the form of a huge win over Russia. Happy Birthday and many more... I'm enjoying some time off from work and doing a little traveling, some putzing around... doing nothing of particular importance. I have to get back on the job tomorrow night though as the Cherokee are home for a 7pm face-off with Columbus. I'll be broadcasting online and hope that we win. We need the points to finish in the top four and get home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs. The season is winding down and the serious part of the season will begin in 3 weeks... the playoffs! When hockey season is over, I don't get much time off at all as I will switch sports over to women's football... Yep, that season will go from April to June... I am looking forward to the travel when that season begins... ha! Well, to be truthful, I really do enjoy road games more than home games. I like sleeping in hotels and eating lousy food. Honest. I like the road. I travel quite a bit throughout the midwest of the U.S. from September through June... I guess that's the nomad in me. Maybe that's why I'm not married yet. I like to travel too much... but instead of traditional travel of planes, trains and automobiles, I see the country either in team buses or if I drive myself, I can think and clear my head without having to be chatty with everyone else... I love stopping in small towns when I drive and eat in local small restaurants to listen to the locals talk about what's going on in their world... If I'm driving back from St. Louis or Peoria or Cincinnati, I like to go on the unbeaten path to see what's out there... That's half of the fun of getting to know this country I call home... gotta luv it.


Jackson said...

well hey, remember McKee, Kentucky. It's about as small as it gets and don't forget to eat at Opal's :), greasy spoon of the century and home to gossipers county-wide. lol

Now I gotta go watch UK lose. :(

Happy Birthday Ophelia :)

Mik said...

Now that is funny... I have no clue where McKee would be. But I may be going through KY in a couple of weeks. My nephew is going to visit a couple of colleges to see if he wants to go and play football. One school is a small school in Tennessee and the other is somewhere in Louisiana. I'm hoping he'll pick the one in Tennessee. It's sooo much closer to home and I won't have to drive so dang far... I hate flying so that's not happening. Otherwise, I may just have to listen to him play football online... ha!