Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another Day, Another Story...

Today was oh so nice as I had a day off from work. From all 3 jobs. It sure was nice to veg and do a whole lot of nothing. I did some work for my hockey stuff online and then caught up on emails and stuff. Then I got a text message from my groupie. The groupie is a little ticked at me because she got mad at her sister and her boyfriend and had no one (read: ME) to talk to. So she called me again and complained about lots of things. We finally got to where I needed to direct the conversation to... US... She was not happy with the arrangement of putting some space and distance between us. For the one millionth time, I had to remind her that she is in love with her boyfriend. And that while I find her charming, attractive, smart, and everything else, we both know that if we were to try and be 'friends' with each other and spend time together as such, that we'd take it too far and go over the line. She agreed to that notion. I told her flat out that I was thinking not only of her well-being with Ed, but I was thinking about her emotional stability (something I DON'T have) and I was thinking about HER future. She told me she wishes we could keep our friendship entact. But I know where it would go and I can't chance that for her. Or me, for that matter. I told her we could still talk at work. It's much safer that way. Spent this evening making plans for the weekend... something I haven't done in months.
My Nephew was in NYC for the last week. Got stuck in the snow storm and ended up going to the David Letterman show while he was there. Very cool. I haven't talked to him yet as he just got back into town a few hours ago...Hope this finds you all in good spirits and good health.
God Bless... Mik

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