Thursday, May 01, 2008

Twinbill Doubleheader (and we're not talking baseball)

I had a fun time talking to one of my childhood friends, Bill, who lives out in Southern California. Bill and I have known each other since 2nd grade and the funny part is that we weren't good friends in grade school. We didn't particularly like each other very much. As we got older and played baseball, we were polite to each other since we had some of the same friends we were tight with. In high school, we didn't see each other much till about junior year. Then we came across each other again because of mutual friends. And this time, we discovered we had a similar interest... music. We really hit it off because of musical tastes and especially after graduation. We and a couple of other friends spent all kinds of time together, going to concerts, partying, y'know... all the crazy stuff you do in your youth. Well, after a while, Bill got the itch to move out to California. That was about 20 years ago. Bill went to work and made some friends and ended up recently getting married (for the 1st time) out there to a girl a bit younger than him. Of course, the warm, caring, sensitive, supportive friends he has back in Ohio had to express ourselves the only way we know how. I think the nicest thing we said to him was "gee Bill, just think, in August, you can take her shopping for all of the 'back to school' sales...woo-hoo".... Well, she's not THAT much younger than him, but you get the idea of our relationships. Yesterday, Bill's mom calls me. She is just going bananas because finally.... finally. Bill and his wife are expecting. Then I call out to California to give Bill some crap for the fun of it, and then of course he has this stunned shock in his voice.... they're expecting twins. Oops. He was freaking out especially since twins don't run in either family. I was the second buddy to call him out there to congratulate him. Robert was the first and told him that the since his wife was expecting that when she goes to buy diapers, she won't feel so awkward about buying diapers for THREE... I laughed my butt off... Poor Bill. A first time dad at the age of 45... with twins? Bill doesn't stand a chance... they'll bring him to his knees in no time flat.... I can't wait!

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