Thursday, May 29, 2008

Being Pen-sive

I'm having a blast watching the Stanley Cup Finals (On NBC in the US, CBC in Canada)... It has been a hoot hearing from some of the Burgers from the steel city. They are convinced that the Penguins are going to come back and win this... I just keep my peace and enjoy watching the series. I hope the Wings wrap things up soon... lol
Other than the sports stuff, not much is going on in my world. Lou is doing better and is supposed to be released from nursing home rehab place on Sunday or Monday. Terri had chemo a couple of days ago and is trying to bounce back. She still is fighting. I don't know how she does it. She is so much braver and stronger than her little brother. I'm not saying that to put myself down, just pointing out obvious facts. Namely she's had to fight this battle on her own, most of the time. She has to try and take care of Lou when Lou is at the house. And Terri somehow is able to do it... I sit in amazement of her. She handles adversity a whole lot better than anyone else I know.

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