Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Song Remains The Same (my apologies to Led Zep)

Hi kids....
More insanity rules the roost here in Mik-world... Things are crazy with the girls again as Lou is back in the hospital. For a while, the doctors thought she might be on the road to losing the other foot, but she's doing better and responding to treatment. It's a catch 22 situation for her... She needs to work on her activity level to continue to remain mobile so they want her to do lots more physical therapy. But the docs don't want her standing up for the next couple of weeks in order to allow the wound on her foot to heal. She's healing up and will have to go for a couple of weeks of in-patient PT rehab. I'm not glad she's there but it will give Terri a break. Terri had chemo a couple of days ago and part of the process is that she's supposed to rest and allow things to work inside of her... Of course, the operative words there are "supposed to"... But she's doing what she can to battle this disease so I keep hoping the chemo will help and as for what may happen, I'll leave it up to God.

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