Saturday, May 24, 2008

(Death) March of the Penguins.... GO WINGS!!!

Okay, just so you know, this entry is a sports entry about the Stanley Cup hockey finals (best of 7)... I am a HUGE Detroit Redwings fan and they are playing the Pittsburgh Penguins for the Cup. I don't like Pittsburgh period. For anything at all... can't stand the Penguins, hate the Steelers, feel embarrassed for the Pirates and am not much for the city as a whole. One of my best friends lives there (and he's from Michigan no less) and we refer to the citizens of Pittsburgh as... well, "burgers" I can't think of a much better way to put it. They think they've already got the Stanley Cup won and are planning for the parade because they have the young phenom Sidney Crosby in their lineup and are supposedly going to dominate. I just smile when I think about it... and then to take things to a mean extreme, the Detroit Free Press has a little game you can play on their website called "Whack The Penguin" that is an absolute hoot. Go check it out by clicking here ... But for those of you that think somehow that it's a mean game because it involes whacking a penguin (for distance, not to kill) I understand if you pass on it. It's not an anti-animal game but rather a anti-Pittsburgh game.... getting ready for the Stanley Cup finals... Now if you decide to go and give it a few whacks, let me know how far you were able to whack the penguin... My best so far is 322.9

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Cindy said...

Hey Mik, just want to let you know the Wings will let them think they have a chance but will slam the door quickly. I live in the metro Detroit area and have been a wings fan all my life (43yrs), my kids named after Shanny and hockey is a way of life in our household. Your thoughts on "burgers" is right on. You'd think they were up 2-1 and not been shut out in the first 2 gms. Poor fools. Keep cheering we can hear you up here. GO WINGS!!