Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday Musings... July Edition

I'm here... for the most part,
The weekend wasn't too bad. Let's see... the city-wide garage sale was pretty cool. I found a 'Hooked On Phonics' set (only a couple of the parts were actually used- the rest were still sealed new) for only 20 bucks. Normally it costs over 300 smackers... got it for Terri for her classes. Speaking of which. Terri is feeling a lot better from the chemo and is getting around again. The only problem now is Lou. Lou is doing better physically. But the meds she is taking for everything is affecting her emotionally. She is now easily rattled and does not sleep. She had an MRI on her back but the doc is on vacay till next week. So it won't be read until then when they can change the medications to a more appropriate combinations and dosage. Thanks for keeping them in your prayers. I am grateful for your kindness.
From the 'good stuff' dept: My best friend Todd and his wife Nicole are the proud parents a beautiful baby girl... Grace. I was honored to be asked to be her godfather. (i'm the godfather of their other daughter too) So this coming weekend is going to be another busy one. I'm going to work at the hospital on saturday, go and work security for a graduation party. Go to church. On sunday, doing the godfather thing, and probably going out to eat afterwards, and then head over to the memorial trust fundraiser for the children of my friend Sonja who was killed in a car wreck back in May. Somewhere in the middle of that, I have to check on the sisters. But that is a typical of my schedule these days. I haven't gotten to everyone's journal/blog yet but please know that I've been swamped and have not had as much time to do much of anything. But I will get to you all, and say hello...
More good stuff: The gal pal is back from vacation so I'm a happy guy. This whole thing with my family has been really trying at times, but she has been a rock... such an incredible blessing that I've been able to keep focused and do what I had to do... Don't know how I could've dealt with all of this without her... I am blessed!


Sundae said...

Yep, you are blessed to have you gal pal in your life. But, she is blessed too, I think you have the best heart.You give a lot to others so does she. Just wish you guys lived closer. Oh well, you do what you can with what you have. Take care.

Jackson said...