Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday On My Mind

It's been a wacky week. But fairly decent. As for the sister update. Lou had an MRI done and she's doing better but still has some serious discomfort in her back and they may find out why and do something about it. Terri is doing a little better for having to deal with the skin issues she has had in regards to the chemo. She gets another dose of it on Tuesday. It'll knock her on her can for a while and she's trying hard to prepare for it. I hope that she somehow keeps up the brave fight she's waging. She is one tough lady and deserves to be happy and healthy. She loves God and her family and her students. I hope and hope and hope. We'll see what happens. Thank you all for your prayers for both of them... I really appreciate it.
Well, the last couple of days, I've done nothing but eat, eat, and eat... I got an early surprise in that the people I work with sprung a little party on me as an early birthday present. I ate (okay graze might be a more appropriate word) like they were going to stop making food and felt good with a full tank of grub. My nephew Dyl, who some of you that have read this column for a while... well, you know about his exploits, well he just had a birthday so I always encourage my family to celebrate his birthday instead of mine because he's just a kid and I am an oldie but a goodie... I turn 43 on Sunday. Inside of my heart, I still feel like a 12 year-old, but outside, I feel like I'm 103 sometimes... but overall, I'm hanging in there. I'm getting to spend it with the gal pal so I'm good. Dyl is having a party with his family tonight but I won't be there. So I invited Dyl and his brother and parents over to my place last night, so they could go swimming at the lake and eat some pizza and have ice cream and we watched a movie as well. There has always been an unspoken understanding that I always had to drive to family members' homes to visit and no one would ever came up to my place to see me. Thursday night, my kid sister and her family came to my place and they loved it and actually said they want to come back. The boys wanted to spend the night but I am heading to see my gal pal and since I haven't gotten to spend as much time as I want with her, I'm taking this opportunity to enjoy some quality time with my best girl... I think we're going to a baseball game tonight. Saturday is a cookout at her family's... and I don't even know what she's got planned for me on Sunday, but I'm looking forward to spending my b-day with the woman that I really love... she is beyond amazing and has really made me a much better person... I thank God for her every single day... She has been such a blessing from God... He really is awesome!!!

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Sundae said...

Mik,so glad I got to visit with you and your gal pal! Happy Birthday to you. I am sure it was a good one. Hope you had a safe trip home. Take care of yourself.