Thursday, July 05, 2007

Post Holiday Thoughts...

And so it goes...
I have had a pretty good week. Thank the Good Lord. A little sleep deprived but that's okay. My sisters are fairing a bit better. Lou is still battling the emotional stress from the meds she is taking, but it's a little better than it was. She's sleeping more and that is a good thing. Terri is doing better but preparing for her next chemo treatment... I just hope and pray that it does it's job... My personal highlight... installing the commode riser for Lou in her toilet... I tried not to think about the obvious rear-end jokes that would fly with this... No ifs, ands, or but(t)s about it... (groan)
Getting ready for the weekend. Did some shopping for the new goddaughter to be... I'm going to be spending more time with my best friend Todd this weekend and his wife Nicole than I have in the last six months... lol... but that's a good thing. I asked Todd why he wanted me to be the godfather of his kids... his response: "because, I can't hold a baby that little while they toss water on her head" Uh, Todd, your first daughter was over 10 lbs at birth and Grace was almost nine. I think we know where they get their genetics from... hello? Nicole just throws up her arms and has given up on trying to figure Todd out... Of course he and I are best friends so what does that tell you about me? HA!
Hope everyone Stateside had a great holiday. Now that it's the day after, I am trying to let all of the food I ate yesterday settle... I chowed down big-time. My stomach still hurts so good. Played horseshoes and cornhole (the game with the bean bags), and tried the Pepsi summer mix (tropical fruit flavor)... as a coca-cola guy, I was surprised how good that new Pepsi tasted. But now I have to let my tummy settle down today and get ready for more eating and eating and (big drumroll) MORE EATING this weekend... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (burp!)
God's Blessings to all of you!

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