Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just for Hits and Grins...

Today, I'm finding myself in a bit of a weird mood. I dunno. Last night, the girls football team got smoked by West Michigan (Kalamazoo) to the tune of 41-0... There was no putting any lipstick on this one... it just flat out stunk. One of the WM players was put in the backfield to run the ball on purpose... she's not a running back by trade (hint: she's 6'2", 340lbs. and her jersey # is in the 70's) But our girls had a tough time bringing her down the 3 or 4 times she carried the ball. But the last time she carried the ball, she was hit hard and forced out of bounds by our smallest player on the team. JC is about 5'1 and all of 125lbs... she came running full force at the West MI player and threw her little body at the WM player with everything she had... The WM player ended up crashing out of bounds and our player who hit her, ricocheted off of her and did a 180 (airborne) landing in the opposite direction! Talk about taking one for the team!!! whoa baby!
Got home late from that fiasco and ended up oversleeping and was late in arriving for church Sunday morning. But I felt better after I got there. As always, it was a good message, gave me something to think about, and got me focused where I needed to be... After church I went to see my sister who is now out of the hospital and in an extended care facility to do physical rehab therapy and work towards getting back home... She seems to be a little dejected about having to be in what amounts to a nursing home. But as I told her: "your attitude is going to dictate how well you do and how fast you get out of here. You don't realize just how close you came to not making it..." Her attitude has much improved and while she doesn't like the idea of being in a rehab place, she knows that it is part of the process and that they will work her as hard or as soft as she wants to go... She went from walking and driving the day before she went in the hospital, to not being able to stand and bear weight. That is a pretty dramatic change. But if there's anyone that can conquer this, it's her. She's too mule-headed to do otherwise. Trust me, being mule-headed is a family trait... I inherited it and thrive upon it... :)

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Sundae said...

Well my friend, that game sounded like an exciting one. I am surprised that your little gal could hustle the big one down.
Sorry your sister has to be in rehab. Glad she has a gutsy attitude. Wish I had more of that. Seems like that will take you a little farther in life than being somewhat meeker as I seem to be. Tell her to hang in there.