Sunday, April 02, 2006

Two In A Row

Oh my,
The poopin' pickle pace has just picked up... we beat Connecticut last night 3-2. It was sloppy but at least we won. Now today comes the big showdown. We have to tangle with Twin Cities today. Twin Cities cranked Connecticut to the tune of 12-1 on Friday and beat Syracuse 3-0 yesterday. This is the game that will determine whether or not the Cherokee will advance to the final four tomorrow night. I am soooo nervous. I can't stand it. But that's what is so great about playing for a national championship... As far as off the ice, it actually has been pretty neat. Some of the media back home, which previously ignored our team throughout the regular season, are now paying attention to our playoff run. I was happy to see that.

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Jackson said...

yeah the media likes a winner.