Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Missing Parts or Persons

I've been trying to figure out just what I'm missing. I'm missing hockey. I'm missing the people associated with hockey. It didn't really hit me until I went to see a minor-league hockey game the other night. I ran into one of my coaches, Brian. Brian is about ten years older than me and was my very favorite coach out of any of them. Brian saw me and flashed that huge grin and went to shake my hand. I gave him such a huge bearhug. He was more than happy to oblige once I hugged him. He and his son were there. His son Kevin was there with some of his friends from high school. Brian and I sat away from them and talked hockey for the better part of two and a half hours. Of course, there were the always eager 'puck bunnies' to gaze at. Brian and I both had to laugh about some of these women who looked like they danced at strip clubs... at least they dressed as such. Not much left to the imagination. Not that I was looking or anything... ha-ha-ha... Anyway, I sat and talked with Brian and it occurred to me how much I missed him. We talked at length about the season, our ride to nationals, his retiring from the Cherokee coaching staff, et-al... It's been quite the wild ride as he told me that my head coach and his other assistant did not go to the big EHK hockey camp last weekend. The only ones to go were our President and assistant goalie coach, who between them, don't know a tremendous deal about how to scout potential players... period. Brian told me that the team is going to be awful this coming year because the EHK tryout camps are where we find a lot of our players. I guess we'll see. Nothing knew elsewhere... I'm starting to do a little more work for BCSN-TV so I'm happy about that. The Toledo Spitfire Women's football team continue to lose so nothing new there... That team has so much potential, but lacks that killer instinct... Last year was referred to as the 'perfect' season... they went 0-8 for the year. It looks like they are going to challenge that mark this season. I hope they find a way to win... they work hard and deserve some success.


Jackson said...

sure mik.........I can tell you weren't looking :) lol That's ok I look at men too. I'd be lying if I said I didn't.

I miss my Wildcat bball too so I can relate :(

Riccie said...

You just came off of a hugely successful season, Mik. You miss the natural high it gave you, which is quite normal. So what about next year for your team?
By the way, if you weren't looking, I'd wonder about you!