Thursday, April 12, 2007

Senior Commandos...

Y'know... sometimes I don't mind mixing it up with the female contingent when the situation is appropriate. But this was not one of those times. For those that don't know, in my office, I'm the youngest person in there. Now mind you, I'm going to chalk up my 43rd b-day in the summer. So I'm no real spring chicken to begin with... the ladies in the office are more than a few years older than me. Only one person is a couple of years older than me. I think. And then the rest are all grandmothers. I used to be a mean sort back in the day and call the department "the wrinkle ranch"... I know, I know... I wasn't very nice back then. But now that I'm older, wiser, and have a wrinkle or two m'self, I simply refer to the ladies as "my girls"... they like that. They treat me like I'm their baby boy... Now the reason for this set up is because I had a situation arise where I had to explain the NON-military definition of the word "commando". It was awkward to say the least. None of 'my girls' were aware of what 'going commando' meant. Of course anytime there is an issue of language or 'what the kids say these days' every one of them look at me, like I know every thing there is to know about 18 year-olds and the way they communicate. Granted, I work with them in terms of the sportsworld. But those kids also spice up their lingo with plenty of four-letter words and I don't need to translate that! :) But I will say that once I defined the 'other' version of the word 'commando', I was met with some high-brow looks of shock, surprise, and then some giggles and a couple of the ladies asking more questions about 'what it's like to go out like that?' and 'maybe that would be interesting to try'. After that, I immediately cringed and told them "okay, that's three minutes of my life that I will NEVER get back, now stop it!" I don't blush easily or often, but the ladies in my department were giving me grief about how red I was turning. Under NO circumstances would I allow myself to picture them going out all dressed up, with no underpants on... ewwwwww!!!! I told them to never ever ask me questions like that again which made them laugh at me even more. I told them I would be scarred for life because of this... they were happy about that! Ugh... I give up... :)

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