Thursday, August 03, 2006

Time's Flyin' and I'm Having Fun... at least a little bit

Thursday musings as I throw out random thoughts...

August.... AUGUST??? What the hay?
I can't believe that we're in the eighth month of the year already... wow! Two-a-days start this week and on the hockey side, the main tryout camp for the Cherokee is this weekend. I can't wait... that is going to be soooo much fun...
Lots of little things have been going on... some things I've noticed, other things I haven't until they jump up and bite me... perfect example: I work during the mid-day at the hospital. I don't get to pick up my mail during the week very often because the hours of my local post office are not conducive to my work schedule. So I usually go down there about once a week (maybe) when my schedule permits. I went down there since I had today off... I hadn't been down there since early July... as I tossed away all of the junk mail etc, I discovered a couple of birthday cards that were sent to me (thanks Riccie and Jan) BEFORE my actual birthday (july 15) ! I felt like a big schmoe but then decided to just laugh about it and not take myself too seriously... I'm such a dork!
Woman update: the lady that liked me from the restaurant but I wasn't interested in her... well she's found somebody else! I was happy (and relieved) that she met a nice guy and they're hitting it off... ahhh yes! She was telling me all about it this morning. I sat there and with a big grin and probably seemed too supportive of her about it... ha-ha!
My fridge here at the house went on the fritz... so I'm going to go put it out with the garbage and think about the fact that I don't want to spend the money on a new one. I know someone who works at Whirlpool so I think I may go that route...
Is it me, or has anyone really heard much about that American Idol guy, Taylor Hicks? He did a single that went to #1 (I guess) but he's already jumped to doing jingles for Ford... Isn't that a bit of a step backwards? And so soon? The guy STILL looks like Joey Buttafuco!
And finally, it's been a blessing to write and keep in touch with you all. Even though my schedule is nuts and will jump to warp drive insanity in about two weeks, though I don't write every day anymore, doesn't mean that I don't get a few minutes to read emails and blogs... I'm still thinking about you guys: Tina, Maggs, Jan, Riccie, JXN, etc., you all have been very cool friends and that has made a lasting impression in this tired old scribe... Thanks!


Jackson said...

awww mik you're too sweet :) I admit to being out of the blogger loop lately but I just can't stay away from my friends here long :)

How do you not get the mail everyday?! No bills? lol Cause I got some you can have.

Ford is a bigtime sponsor of AI. I would say singer that jingle was in the AI winner's contract.

Maggs said...

you are such a sweet man. why weren't you interested in the waitress?