Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Hopes... :)

I'm sitting here post turkey day, still smarting over the bruises incurred on the holiday weekend so far... let's see, stood in line only to not get the item I wanted. Um, oh yeah, getting a ticket for not wearing my seat belt... grrrrr.... 65 bucks lighter, I'm still hacked but I know better, so my being ticked off isn't lasting long. Besides it could be worse. I read where some poor guy literally got trampled to death working at Wal-Mart. That's just wrong. That's not what the Christmas spirit is supposed to be. Of course most of what we do now is not associated with the origin of Christmas. But I'm not going to be derailed. I'm looking forward to the Christmas season. I don't get into all the 'stuff' that comes with the season till AFTER Thanksgiving. Now I know we all like to do things for others as part of the holiday spirit. To do things for others is both an honor and a great feeling inside. But what I want to know is this... was there ever a time when someone did something really nice for you? For no apparent reason, other than kindness? It doesn't necessarily have to be a down on your luck story, but I want to hear about circumstances where good people stepped up and without any benefit to themselves, did something to help you or a loved one out at a time you wouldn't have expected? I want to keep my hope for the holidays.


Barbara said...

I have two to share with you just within the past few weeks! I've been the support of our household for nearly three years now. Things stay very tight. A week or so into November someone sent me a lovely Thanksgiving card with a $50.00 Wal-Mart gift card inside. Totally annonymous!

The other is last the Friday before Thanksgiving some folks from our church brought a laundry basket loaded with food!

And there are many simpler yet still very appreciated things that occur all the time!

One day in Wal-Mart my debit card was being contrary and wouldn't scan. I only had a few items, less than $10, but very necessary. I finally said, oh, well...put them back and I'll go to the bank. A young woman behind me insisted on buying them! Refused to give me her name to refund her.

Just think, Mik! I'm just one poor soul in this world, and look how much God has blessed me through kind people just recently!! Imagine if you knew every kind deed done to every one!!

Lori J said...

Hey Mik,
How about those was a good game....My hubby the BC Lions fan even cheered but we ALWAYS cheer for the WEST no matter who your favourite team is.
We are such red-necks out here and right now my hubby is wanting to throw something at the TV when he sees our stupid government ideas!!

Love Alberta LORI

Carolyn said...

Hi Mik- I'm glad you're wearing your seatbelt now ;-) I had a time about 7 years ago when things were really tight at Christmas and someone from the church I used to go to sent us a gift card from wally world for 100 dollars! I broke down and cried because no one had ever done that for me before- and it paid for our groceries and some little extras for us. It was all annonymous. Another time, last year, my home school co op took up a collection (I was totally unaware of it at the time!) so I could start on getting my Canadian passport taken care of as my dad was sick at the time. I bawled. It was so thoughtful of them all, as so many of us were and are having finacial things going on! I haven't scraped up the rest of what I need for it yet, but I have the money in a jar which will go for that purpose. Thank God too, my dad was OK and my folks are well. This was a nice entry Mik. I do hope and pray you and your "girls" meaning Terri, Lou and gal pal are all doing well. God Bless, and I'm sorry I haven't been around much. Carolyn