Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude

Hmmm... it's been the busiest time of my life these days. But the thing that I have found is that despite the work and insane schedule of juggling things around, I have discovered a spirit of peace and contentment that I haven't had in a LONNNNNG time... Lou got to go home from the nursing facility as she has two new leg prosthetics that she's working hard on trying to use. She's been on dialysis 3 days a week, but has been improving with her kidney function to the point that they're talking about reducing the amount of time she needs to be dialyzed. For this, I am grateful to the Lord. He is GOOD. Terri still has chemo every three weeks and gets her butt whipped when she does. But her guy came into town and is spending some time here. I haven't seen Terri this peaceful and relaxed for a long time. She has a look of happiness, after all these months that I've seen her go through misery and despair. She is now experiencing a little happiness. I am grateful to the Lord... He is GOOD. My wallet has been a source of derision and despair as I wanted more income. Trying to catch up on bills has been a chore, but I was a little frustrated. I have been working on promoting the Toledo Sports Radio website and have been praying hard for the alliance with a local TV station to become fruitful. My radio partner who has been given the charge of making this whole thing work told me that I would be the lead broadcaster for the high school playoff football games that they did if we could get enough sponsorships. Well, we got the go ahead for the games but each game that we have to do, I already have a commitment to broadcast Cherokee hockey online. So I couldn't do the football games on TV. And to make matters tougher, the football game this weekend is going to be shown statewide on cable. But y'know what? I'm okay with it. My ego doesn't need this for me to be happy. I genuinely was happy for the guy doing the game on TV because he's a good friend and fellow Christian. It's awesome how God works. When I was released by the other TV station, I figured that I'd just stay in the backround and off the air. But those of us that are now working for TSR, of the six of us, five of us are Christians. And we're going to be doing more sports on local TV this year with our new alliance with the other station. It's really wonderful. I've seen my income increase from my job. And in a true God moment, I was at church when our pastor was talking about giving and tithing. I gave double what I normally give because I have been on the road with hockey and missed a couple of weeks. So when I go on Monday and check my mail, I get an unexpected check from the city. I was not expecting anything from them at all. It was completely out of the blue. It was for over 6 times what I gave on Sunday to church. I am grateful to the Lord... He is GOOD... He isn't good because I got some things going my way or because I received a check. But because I want to work on being a better Christian and serve Him. I still screw up lots, but He's always there. And by the way, did I mention... HE IS GOOD!!!


Joann said...

WOO HOO!! You're on FIRE, today!! Good for you, my friend!! I see SUCH an Attitude of Gratitude in you!! I'm SO happy for you!!


Jackson said...

I am so proud to call you mine Mik.God is blessing you because of your obedience to Him. I love you so much.............para siempre-