Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Food... Glorious Food...

I am looking outside and seeing the snow on the ground and the roads are slick with accidents all over the place... and I'm thinking two things:
One- I'm glad that I decided to put another set of tires on the car last week. I knew that the tread on the tires were getting kind of low. So I opted to go get that taken care of... so far, so good. I'm liking the way my car is gripping the road again... I'm a happy guy. And the second thought I'm having is- boy am I glad that I'm at home and not out in 25 degree weather. I didn't turn my heater on until last week because the weather had been pretty mild up until last week when the cold hit us good. My rule of thumb is not to turn on the heat in the house until November 1st. Well, it was mild out so I tried to see if I could go until December 1st but two nights sleeping in 30 degree weather told me that I was crazy. Not to mention frosty... so the heater was turned on and 20 minutes later I was curled up on the couch sawing logs... er, sleeping comfortably. I have been trying to stay the course and not veer too far out of my normal patterns. Just work, home, eat, talk to gal pal, occasionally do laundry, and then hit the sack. I should probably do more exercise and try to get into a little better shape, but I haven't had the time to do it... I know I need to make time... hopefully I'll get into the swing of things after the holidays. I don't even pretend to think that I'll be good for the holidays... I love food... I love to eat... Holidays = Food. Enough said. What do you love to eat most over Thanksgiving, besides turkey? Now I LOVE turkey. But besides the bird, I love stuffing and pumpkin roll with crème filling... ooohh how do I love food...


Joann said...

I get TWO Thanksgivings this year... we're doing one at work with ALL the trimmings!!! Besides turkey, I would have to say my favorite is... all the rest!! LOL!! I make two stuffings: a bread stuffing and a rice stuffing, those and my pumpkin pie would top the list for me!! But everyone likes their own cooking... you know?! LOL!!!

ADB said...

LOL Mik you're VERY comfy indeed out there in the snowy US

Lori J said...

Evening Mik,

I have just read your journal for the first time....very interesting.
Hope this finds you well and stop by and see me sometime.

Chef Lori

aka ABIceQueen

Lori J said...

Back at you Mik, Well MY team won on the weekend over hubbies...he is still an avid BC Lion fan. I would think you would keep it under wraps you like the CFL unless you lived here once upon a time.
Finally home from the city after helping youngest girl with the kids...Boy did I miss my bed and hubby and not necessarily in that order.
Senior's get half-price tonight at our old cafe so we will let them do the cooking.



Carolyn said...

Hi Mik! I love food too, so don't feel so bad! My miother in law lives next door, so we only have to walk to Thankgiving dinner ;-) She makes a squash cassarole to doe for, and I HATE squash!!!! I try not to over do it during dinner- no second helpings so I have room for cake ;-0 but I do eat 2 helpings of cassarole. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Mik, and I hope everyone is doing well! God Bless!