Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Slalom... dips, curves, twists and turns

Not much is going on here in the great lakes region. Lou did finally get stabilized enough for them to amputate her other leg. She's going to be hospitalized for a while yet. She still has some of the effects of the infection, but they're trying to treat her with strong anti-biotics. They're still dialyzing her as her kidneys aren't functioning like they should. But will hopefully start feeling better as we move along here. She's still frustrated and hates being in the hospital. I don't blame her at all for feeling that way. I pray that God does a great work in her to help strengthen her faith.
Terri, on the other hand, got some fair news... her latest pet scan shows that while the four lesions are still metasisized, they have not worsened or spread. The crappy part is that she'll have to be on chemo indefinately. And it has really kicked her butt... However in typical Terri fashion, she is trying to get me focused on my gal pal and her family coming up to visit me this weekend... or as I like to call it: "When Mik's worlds collide"...lol... I'm not nervous at all... a little excited maybe. But not too wound up. I'm trying to stay positive and look forward to a nice visit with them. I'll take them to meet Lou and Terri at some point. And let them get a view of life from my perspective. They also want to take in a service where I go to church so I'm a little geeked about that. So the week and weekend ahead will feature what seems to be the norm these days... highs and lows... and I come out of it alive and grateful to God for doing so... We'll see how it goes... stay tuned !

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