Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ups, Downs, and Updates

How do,
This week started out pretty good... I was in rare form while figuring out what I was going to get Dylan for his birthday. I was all set to go see him and do the 'birthday' thing with him. But they opted for celebrating it this friday at Dyl's favorite place... the bowling alley! I personally can't stand bowling but I will be out there throwing that ball down the lane, making a fool out of myself because I love that kid... I'm still feeling a bit stung because with the joy of Dylan's birthday and the AAA baseball all-star game was here in Toledo this week and I had an absolute blast by my friends. The hospital network that I work for was the title sponsor for the week's events. I couldn't believe how much fun we had, but that was no match for my sister Lou's announcement that her docs believe she has leukemia... not much to smile about there... I've been having a wild variety of thoughts go through my head. My birthday is this weekend. Also this weekend is the first anniversary of my father's passing. Now Lou is dealing with this. I can't deal with it all. I ate like a moose the last few days. I don't know what to think or do. I'm used to being able to fix things or come up with a solution when it comes to my family. Right now I feel helpless and am kind of hacked off that I can't really do anything. But that is what true faith in God is, by it's very definition: the ability to believe when there is no reasonable explanation to show why something has or has not happened.
Today was day one of the Jamie Farr LPGA golf tournament. It's being held here in Toledo (okay the suburb of Sylvania... work with me here!) and I will look forward to it as I have to broadcast our radio show on Saturday morning from the tournament... Our show is a golf show after all... My head is swimming right now thinking about everything and nothing at the same time... ahhhh the heck with it. I'm going to stand on my faith for Lou and I am looking forward to enjoying myself this weekend...
Doug Update: I know it's been a while since I've mentioned my friend Doug. He was on death's door. We thought it was just a matter of hours till the end. But through faith and prayer (even his doctors don't know how he's hanging on), Doug is still alive. They still don't know how. My faith tells me he's still alive because he has a purpose. I believe he is still on earth, instead of in it, for a specific reason. I hope it's to survive and turn a negative into a positive and give God the glory... Keep fighting Doug!!! Carolyn has been off of work for about three months now and has not left his side... she loves him so... God Bless Her!

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