Saturday, July 22, 2006

Celebrating A Life... or Two

been a wacky couple of days. Yesterday was a tough one. Went to work and then left for a while so I could attend Doug's funeral. That was pretty tough on a lot of folks. I listened as Doug's sister gave the eulogy. It was of fond memories from the earliest childhood up through Doug and Carolyn meeting up and getting married just over a year ago. They lived together for some time but never got hitched until 13 months ago. The minister who did their wedding, also officiated this gathering as well. It was hard to see Doug lying there like that when I seen all of the pictures of him rock climbing. Carolyn was sitting there, looking tired and defeated. The wind taken out of her sails, trying somehow to make sense out of the senseless... Afterwards, I went back to work and sat there for a while. It seemed out of sorts to come back to some sense of normalcy when Carolyn is saying good-bye to the love of her life. Life really whizzes sometimes.
After work, I headed home and was hungry so I stopped at a local restaurant that I frequent and treated myself to a nice dinner. The girl who waited on me is always nice to me. We joke around from time to time and pick on each other when we see each other. On my birthday, when she found out it was that day, she went and brought me out a piece of strawberry pie with a candle on it. Just because. When I went in there yesterday, I saw a huge floral arrangement with a birthday balloon on top of it. I asked her who's birthday it was. She said it was hers. I asked if it came from her boyfriend and she tried to downplay that completely. Apparently it was from a customer who thinks that she's hot stuff. So she was trying to figure out who to dump the flowers on. I think she said her mom... anyway, I was razzing her about something or another and she was asking me about my day. I didn't want to replay it but I told her anyway and it kind of brought both of us down... so I decided right then and there that I wasn't going to end my day like that! I paid my bill, looked at Jaime and just gave a non-chalant nod and said "c'ya later" and left... what she didn't know was that I went to the store and bought a birthday cake, had them put 'happy birthday jaime' on it, and got her a bottle of wine for her and her boyfriend to relax with later... I walked back into the restaurant and surprised the living daylights out of her... she was 12 shades of red and laughing hysterically and totally shocked that I did this. She kept saying over and over 'you shouldn't have done this, I can't believe it!' I just smiled and said "hey, just enjoy yourself" and smiled and left. The look on her face when I made my exit was priceless... I went home in a very good mood... poured myself a diet lime coke and thought of Doug and Jaime... with a smile... Cranked open the computer and saw the great success of Riccie passing her exam. Now that was great! Congrats Riccie! I started the day off not really having much to smile about, but by the time my head hit the pillow, I was feeling a whole lot better...


Riccie said...

Excellent way to turn things around, Mik. I'm taking notes...and thank you.

Jackson said...

how cool of you mik :) By bringing someone else joy you got it yourself;)