Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lobster-fest (sunshine editon)

Before any of you go thinking that I spent the weekend eating seafood, the lobster reference is a reflection of how I spent the weekend out in the sun and let's just say I didn't have any suntan lotion nor shade for that matter. I am beet red and it hurts just to make facial expressions. I spent my days off (from the hospital) doing work for the TV station and I was broadcasting motocross (dirtbike racing) on Saturday, and Baseball on Sunday. I was fried by the time I made it home on Sunday. I thought about going and doing something but I ended up falling asleep watching the TV screen (hint: the TV was NOT turned on)... Well, today is day two with a new cell phone and new number. Those of you that have followed my blog for a while know about my previously delightful cell-phone experiences involving hoodies and toilets! Yippeeeeee! (no pun intended). Anyway, I switched carriers as soon as my T-mobile (aka 'useless') contract was up and now am with Verizon... hope things go better with them... at least they can hear me now... Good! And before I forget, a very happy 10th birthday to my nephew Dylan. That kid never fails to amaze me with how cool he is... and he's only 10 years old!!! He and his brother are two of the smartest (and craftiest) wise acres that I know... I feel like I'm chatting with two adults sometimes... I guess I am getting old...

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