Tuesday, June 24, 2008

(Getting Shot) Down To Earth...

I had to laugh... I was getting ready to interview a couple of the women football players and air it during the halftime of our last regular season game. I turn on my computer and right there on my desktop is a picture of my beloved, my best girl, my love... my gal pal. The player looks at the picture and says "Hey Mik, is that your girlfriend?" I smile and proudly say "Yep, she sure is" and the player says "wow, she's really pretty." I say "thank you" and as I'm preparing to get things going for the interview, this player coughs up a little gem: "Geez, she's really pretty. How did YOU get her?" The other girl football players bust up laughing hysterically and when the player realizes what she said, she freaked and says "oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. " Me, I thought it was funny. It also kept me grounded and not to get egotistical or to take myself seriously. And to be grateful for a great lady for me to love... and even better... she loves ME... woo-hoo!!!

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