Monday, June 30, 2008

Dog Gone It...

Hmmm... just when I think that there is (if nothing else) some peace in my family's world... Yeah, right. It doesn't stop. Went to visit the girls today. Terri was a little nervous because apparently a neighbors dog got out of the yard. I didn't think much of it until I saw the dog... One big mother of a pit bull with an attitude. Apparently, none of the neighbors knew that the new neighbor had a pit bull. So, the cops were called and when the dog finally goes back to the yard where he escaped from, the cop shows up and drives his cruiser right up against the double gate, so as to keep the dog in there. Plus, I was a little uncomfortable because the dog was huge and the fence wasn't very big. But the cop driving the cruiser gets out and comes and asks for some rope to tie the gates closed while we waited for the dog warden to show up. I give him some and the cop looks at me and says "hey, that dog's eyeing you up and down. You'd better watch your a** because he's looking pretty ticked." I smile and say back "yeah, he's thinking all-you-can-eat buffet... y'know what I mean?" The cop started laughing and we waited for an eternity for the warden to show up. The warden shows up finally and we show were the dog was, the fact that it had no tags or license etc..., the warden opts to contain the dog and drag it in to warden's vehicle. And right after that, the owners of the dog show up. They weren't too happy and the cop and dog warden both explained what happened and the fact that there were lots of little children running around in the neighborhood. Not in a rural area... but in the city in a block neighborhood... kids running, playing, riding their bikes... not an ideal place for an overly aggressive pit bull. But with the removal of said dog, maybe the neighbors will settle down a bit and get back to just being annoying... ;)

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