Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tears for Fears (or for Van Morrison fans... Dancing in da Escanaba Moonlight)

Watched a beautiful sunrise this morning. Watching it rise up over the lake was very refreshing. I needed to see some beauty to get my batteries recharged. This has been a long week and I've been short on sleep and am now officially in mild panic mode. Reason: Cherokee tryout camps are here starting Thursday and going thru Sunday and I have to find a trainer for the tryouts. My original trainer was all set to go and then on Monday emailed me and told me he can't do it afterall (His wife said NO). I'm trying to find someone that would be willing to do it. Just sit there and watch and hang out and only treat cuts or the odd bloody nose or two from the occasional fight that goes bad. Just little things. Anything major would require a trip to the hospital anyway... so a small amount of work would be all they would be responsible for. Ahhh life! Taylor Hicks was on Fox & Friends this morning. It was funny like always, but I have a small question about the new American Idol: is it just me, or does Taylor Hicks look like Joey Buttafuco???


Riccie said...

Watching a sunrise on the lake. How beautiful...and what magnificent work God does. I raise my coffee mug in your honor for stopping to appreciate such a gem. As for the rest of your entry...hmmm...if God can create such a beautiful piece of art for you to enjoy, don't you think he can take care 'little things' going on in your life? :)

Jackson said...

Joey B. yessiree! Just for the record, I'm not a Taylor fan :( Yes he has a great attitude and it was fun to see him perform the first 3 times but after that his jerking and Soul Patrol chanting got old. I dunno, he can sing but he is very boxed in what he does. Bob Seger, Joe Cocker, and any African American artist over the age of 60, that's what he does. I just don't think it's gonna sell to anybody under 40. The last thing AI needs ia another Ruben Studdard or Fantasia Barrino :(