Thursday, May 11, 2006

No beers... just a cold case...

Ahhh a day off!
Slept in this morning and felt great waking up. I stayed in bed and tuned in 'Fox & Friends' on Fox News Channel. I would doze in and out and wake up laughing because I love Steve, E.D., and Brian. They really get my mornings off to a good start... even if the news of the day is lousy. I went out to eat breakfast at a local restaurant here and hung out there for a while, talking to the waitresses and the two cooks... I laughed lots and felt good. I was talking with the one waitress who would flirt with me but I let her know that I wasn't trying to hit on her... I know that she was going through a tough time so I found a computer that I could slap a couple of new parts in and it works like new... so I'm going to give it to her... not for money, not for 'anything else', not for any kind of personal gain... I can't do it for any other reason other than to 'be a blessing'... I'm not mentioning it here for any kind of accolades or a pat on the back. I'm just mentioning it because that is how I've spent part of my day. I want the day to go well... and so far it has.
Locally, the big news is the verdict in the Fr. Robinson trial. He was found guilty of in the murder of a nun, Sr. Margaret Ann Pahl, which happened back in 1980... This was a 'cold case'... Lots of famous forensic folks came into town to testify... Henry Li, Dr. Sutton, et al... The case was re-opened 2 years ago and the trail led to him. Court TV was here for the whole thing and downtown Toledo was wall-to-wall satellite TV trucks... This priest was sentenced today also... an unusual occurrence in a trial. He'll get 15 to life. Because of the state statute, that was the only sentence available to him so it was easy for the Judge to pass sentence today. And at age 68, that is a life sentence for him. Wow... It's really shook up the Catholic community here... don't know what to make of it... My only thought is that if he really did it, then I'm glad that justice is served. I don't care if he wears a collar or not. If he's guilty, he's being punished. End of story... After the verdict, he was sent to the Lucas County Jail where he is being kept from other inmates because they all want a shot at him. He is also on a suicide watch. So the TV around here has been nothing but this trial. Thank God for sports. Been watching lots of playoff hockey and have enjoyed the heck out of it. Well, work awaits so I'll talk to y'all later... K?


Jackson said...

That is the very thing to make you feel better, doing something for someone else. I don't think I ever really understood this until I started going to JV every week and now the high I get there every week gets me through everyday. I hope she likes it :)

Riccie said...

Another pounding for our Catholic 'leadership'. That makes me sad...but doesn't change the strength of my faith. All of us, priests, nuns, deacons, lay-people...we're just mere sinful humans. It's difficult to explain the vows a priest takes to non-catholics. Even though the a priest choses to do heinous things, it doesn't change the fact he is a priest. No, I'm not defending or exusing his behaviour, he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I'm sad in that this is another example of the pounding we take as catholics.
Also, kudos for being someone's angel. I'm sure you made (or will make) her day :)