Sunday, May 28, 2006

Long Days and Short Nights

Thinking about coming to the end of a 22 hour day. It started early long before dawn. Went and got up and did some show prep for the return to radio. I wasn't nervous until I got to the station. I figured Mike and Dave would be there but I was the first to arrive at the studio. I got out of my car and just stood in the parking lot, looking at the studios and thinking about the past. My years in radio coming back to me... Going home again, sort of. I had a chance to continue in radio across town at the rival Fox Sports Radio affiliate, but didn't take the chance. I was afraid. I didn't feel right about it. When my buddy Jamo told me about going back to the old station (the ESPN radio affiliate) I was anxious at first. My show got axed because the sales manager got bumped from his time slot because of Ohio State football so guess who was the odd man out? I took the high road about it and have not once said anything negative about the then sales manager nor the program director. Even though I wanted to strangle them both... lol... But I have since worked with the sales mgr who works at the TV station I work at and we had a good heart to heart talk about everything and cleared the air and get along great. The PD is always polite to me whenever I see him but I can tell he was always glad that I was gone. Jamo told me when Norm asked him to do the show, and Jamo told him that Todd, Dave and I were coming back to work with Jamo, that Norm kind of winced and didn't say much. Jamo also told him that I was coming back with the hope of doing my own show again sometime, Norm just rolled his eyes. I know that he doesn't want me there (even though he won't say it). But I'm not going to do anything but be polite and respectful. I'm sure that Norm will listen to every show... Our first show back was okay. We laughed alot and we were a little rusty from not working on air together for over 4 years. But it was still okay. We're going to be a bit rusty starting out but I think we still have a good chemistry and it will work out okay.
Left the radio station and went to the bus and headed to Cincinnati for women's football. We lost 27-14 but played well. I am pulling into Toledo early (as I write this entry, I'm still on the bus) and won't get home until about 3am... I have to get up on sunday morning to go to church. Right after church I have to drive to Detroit to go to an Islamic wedding. A first for me... Should be interesting... I also have to work on Monday (a double header of soccer in the morning for TV, and then 8 hours at the hospital in the afternoon...) My whole next week is like that. yeesh, I'm whipped... I'll yak at y'all later


Jackson said...

wow mik, I'd be dead. I like 9 or 10 hours of sleep and am cranky if I don't get it.

Mik said...

welcome to my world... I always say "i'll sleep when I'm dead" till then... LIFE!