Thursday, August 19, 2010

Way To Go, Eh?

Ahhhhhhh... Canada! (well, okay Windsor, which really doesn't count!)

When last your caped crusader inked an entry on this blog, I was concerned about getting in order:

- my birth certificate
- photos for my passport
- a letter or ticket of some sort to explain my reason for going to Windsor
- my application to get my passport and get it sent back in time for the trip to Canada.
- money to exchange for Canadian currency.

Well, it was an adventure to say the least. I called the bureau of vital statistics to find out info on getting my birth certificate. I go on my day off and head downtown to get it. I pay the fee and fill out the info and turn the form in to the lady behind the counter. She goes to pull my certificate up and tells me that my certificate is not legible enough for it to be acceptable for my passport application. I'm thinking 'oh wonderful'. Then she tells me that she has to call Columbus (state capital) to get a new done up copy of it and have it sent up... I tried to keep my sense of humor and let it go. I wanted to get this done all in a matter of about a week. So the new certificate comes in and I go to the passport place up in Detroit, three days before I needed my passport. I get there and I go to the wrong building. Then I go across the street to the proper place and go and register and go to the window where the kid was who was going to administer my oath. I take the oath and he fills out the information and then tells me that even though I plunked down the extra 60 bucks for expediting, my passport wouldn't be ready until the day that I NEEDED it to go over the border. So I took an extra half day off from work and drove back up to Detroit to pick up my passport, and then drive a few blocks further to the Tunnel to Canada. It has been almost a decade since the last time I went north of the 49th... The home of Poutine, Tim Horton's donuts, Canadian Tire (a department store with a very tiny tire section) and of course HOCKEY. Well, that night was for food and basketball. I ate gluten free pizza and boy was it good. I go to the game and my gal pal was watching the game from home because she wanted to see if she could see me on tv. I love that woman I tell ya... she is way more than I deserve. She texts me to tell me that she saw me in a close up shot (I was sitting behind the Western Ontario bench) and what was I doing? Texting her of course... I'm such a dork!


FrankandMary said...

Texting her. Oh, swoon. ;)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad the passport was issued in the nick of time.

Indigo said...

You two are a match made in heaven. Love reading about the gal pal. (Hugs)Indigo

Carolyn said...

You dork! But such a lovable one LOL Oh man,I miss poutine! You may want to explain to your readers what it is, and that it tastes SO much better than what it sounds like :-) And would you believe, I still have about 50 bucks worth of crappy tire (what Canadians call Canadian tire although I don't know why, I LOVE that place) money?! Had it since before I moved down here 19 years ago. Maybe it's worth more than American dollars now, or nearly antique and I can trade it somewhere? A girl can dream can't she? Got great fishing tackle at that place!
Anyway, sorry Mik- every time I read your blog, it brings back memories for me. Glad you had a good time... gotta love the fact that you had to get a passport to a place practically across the street from you though huh?! It's so cute your Gal saw you on TV texting her :-) You both are too cute and you need to do something about that situation Mik. You'd make a bunch of us very happy.... Just sayin... God Bless you Mik!