Monday, April 27, 2009

Pickin' and Grinnin'...

Now I am not one to puff myself up and let my ego get built up. I try to keep things in check and show appreciation to others. Anytime I think I am feeling good about myself, something inevitably happens that brings me crashing down to earth to remind myself not to take myself too seriously. Case in point: Yesterday, after church, I run into one of the church elders who recognized me from my broadcasting stuff. So we're out in the atrium of our church having a nice conversation as people are walking by. He asks me about the business, I ask him about his son who plays basketball. We chat for a while and then part ways. I then start talking to some of the guys in the band who were hanging out nearby. Had a nice chat so as I head out to my car, I run across folks who smile and say hello and I return their greeting in kind. As I get into my car, I look up into the rearview mirror for some reason... and there it is... shining in all of it's glory. I'm looking straight at a category five booger hanging on for dear life at the end of my nose. I was looking to some how crawl under a rock and perhaps take up residence for about the next five years or so... just absolutely crushing to the psyche'... But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how I can't take myself so seriously... by the time I left the parking lot I figured there's nothing I can do about it now and was laughing as I got to the highway to head towards home.

Side note: Now this past weekend was the NFL draft. I need to keep my GUY credentials in order here so I feel the need to comment... it was mighty lame in my eyes. But the funniest thing I read online was from Kentucky Sports Radio's Matt Jones who said the following... " There are a number of stories that come from the day but the most interesting to me is the saga of former Fort Thomas Highlands Micheal Mitchell. Mitchell was picked in the second round by the Oakland Raiders (team motto: "We are officially nuts"). He is a Safety out of Ohio University and his athleticism is impressive enough that Mel Kiper had him ranked as the 73rd best Safety in the draft. From 73rd to 1st, that's quite a leap. When you add to the fact that (Raiders owner) Al Davis is 143 years old and is making the call, you can't help but love the randomness of it all..."

Matt, I couldn't agree with you more... Have a great week everybody!


Indigo said...

It happens hon, you're right all you can do is smile and make the most of it. (Hugs)Indigo

Lynne said...

LOL, sorry but I could not help but giggle. If that is the most embarassing thing that happens to you in life, count yourself blessed. I hope you have a great week!

Lori J said...

Hi there,
Well after a rather difficult day I now can head to bed with a chuckle in my head...Thanks my friend for making me laugh.
I really needed that.

PS thanks for stopping by my journal

Lori J said...

duh....your title just hit me..ha ha ha...
Must be the cold medication I am on...delayed reaction.

Love Lori