Sunday, April 12, 2009

And On The Third Day, He Rose

Happy Easter folks,
Hope you all have a great weekend and a good week. Me and mine are doing fine. Nothing major going on right now (whew!) and trust me, I don't mind the doldrums of day to day life. In fact, I kinda look forward to them. But that being said, this is my favorite part of the year. Well this and early fall... I love spring because that means warmer weather and no more wearing mulitiple layers of clothing. As much as I like winter, I can only stand it for so long. Spring means golf, baseball, my gal pal in a much better frame of mind... (hint: she HATES winter and just being cold in general). Easter is a starting point for me. A new beginning of sorts. I have come to appreciate the REAL meaning of Easter. I don't mind kids doing the egg hunt thing (so long as they don't trip over the left over Christmas lights in the process... that's a true story which I'll write about someday...). The easter candy stuff is okay too... I don't get wound up about it. However, the REAL meaning of Easter is something I never took seriously before. But I do now. I guess in the commercialization of Easter, some things get lost. But I don't want that to happen any more. I have a heart of gratitude that wants to say thanks to Him for taking my sins and all my crap and letting me lay it down at the foot of the Cross. I seen a bumpersticker the other day that says it all... 1 tree + 3 nails = 4 given


madcobug said...

Have a Blessed Easter. Helen

ADB said...

Happy Easter, Mik

Lynne said...

Hi Mik! I concur. I know some of the more legalistic will not even think of letting children enjoy easter egg hunts and baskets. My mother raised all five of us in church but also allowed us a bit of enjoyment where these things were concerned. It never waivered my faith, and she made sure we did understand the real meaning behind each of these days. We celebrate as a family and I celebrate, as you, the fact that God gave His only son that I might live in eternal glory with Him. I absolutely loved that bumper sticker! Where can I get one?? Have a blessed day! I love Spring too!