Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Dog-gone Busy Day...

Hi y'all,
I am beat right now... but it was worth it. Spent the early part of the day over at the girls' to see how they were and they corraled me into taking apart the entertainment center as they're getting a new one. So I took it apart (well, actually took all the components of the audio and video stuff out of there and then took the behemoth out of the house and put it out for someone to take if they could use it. I took the TV that was in there and since the girls are getting a new one, I took the one that was there (a heavy 36 inch beast) up a very narrow and steep flight of stairs for my nephew to use. Ugh, that was no fun. After doing my imitation of "Two men and a Truck", I hooked up the tv and vcr/dvd set up so my goofy nephew could watch a bigger screen than the 12-inch screen he was using before. I had to move some of the equipment out from the front room into Terri's room so that she could have a setup in her room too. By the time I got all of this done, I had to get going to work. But of course, one small fire to put out... my kid sister was feeling sick and was mildly scared about it so I stopped over there on my way to work and assessed the situation and she wasn't in any danger... just a little anxiety on her part. But the good news was that I got to spend time with my dog Penney. Oh it was an understatement to say Pen was so tickled to see me and of course, I abslolutely flat out LOVE that dog. I never used to like mini-daschunds... Not until her... I used to say she was the only woman that I ever both loved and trusted. Of course now with the gal pal in my life I can't say that any more... I don't want to get my butt kicked... ;) It was so funny, when my little nephew came up to hug me, Pen got up on me and wedged herself between me and Dyl... Territorial little cuss isn't she... Can't wait till the first time she sees me and the gal pal snuggling... that'll be a hoot.

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