Monday, February 25, 2008

Things As I See Them...

Well, I guess it has been a while since I've posted an entry so I suppose it only right that I do say hello and say thanks for stopping by. The latest on the girls is that the last I checked up on them, they seemed to be hanging in there okay. Lou has been getting rid of some fluid and she is getting a wee-bit more mobile and that is a huge need for her to be able to get around and rely less on Terri. Terri is hanging in there with the chemotherapy. It's been kicking her butt, however, she still is hanging in there and battling bravely. I can't complain one iota when I think about them. There is no way I can gripe about life when I take a moment to see what I'm really blessed with. The Good Lord has blessed me with some good and decent family members (for the most who care about me. I have a girlfriend who leaves me dumbfounded when I think about her. For those who asked, don't worry... I didn't do any of the things that are listed on my previous post. I'm still in her good graces and am grateful to be so. I can't ever begin to thank God for blessing me with her. He put her in my life to save me... I truly believe this. I know that those of you that read this journal/blog have said some very nice things about me and I thank you for it. I'm honored that you stop by and say hello to me. But I am the one who has to live with the person that is me... the REAL ME in my REAL life. And I am convinced that God put my gal pal into my life to save me... save me from myself. Because while I try to be a better person and try to be good to others... it didn't used to be that way. I was not always a very decent person. I believe the professional, technical term to describe me was “SCUMBAG”. I can't put it any other way. But that was then, this is now. I am now someone who believes in something much better and greater than myself... I survived to talk about it. And I do it without shame.

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