Monday, January 08, 2007

Off and Running in '07

Sorry it's been a while since I've added an entry. I have been ridiculously busy. I have had so much going on away from the work stuff. The usual crap. Work, travel, minor emergencies, dumb things that go oops in the night. Oh, where to begin. I don't know. I just know that work right now is a pressure cooker... two people on leave (because of cancer) and another quit and we are working short handed and my schedule has gone upside down. But sometimes, it gets a little weird... and other times it can be downright humorous... exhibit A:

Me: "hi, can I help you?" (answering phone)
Caller: "yeah, I wanna talk to my mom"
Me: "um, is she a patient or does she work here?"
Caller: "yeah she's a patient!" (then mumbles under her breath... "what an idiot!")
Me: Okay...
Caller: "Okay WHAT?"
Me: "well, um, what's your mom's name?"
Caller: "Oh, uhhh, Disney"
Me: "Disney, how is that spelled please?"
Caller: (heavy sigh) "DISNEY... like Walt Disney... D-I-Z-N-Y"
Me: (trying not to laugh) "um, is that her first name or last"
Caller: Oh **** this! (hangs up)
Me: (thinking to myself) "well, now I can say that I know someone who didn't get 'Hooked On Phonics' for Christmas"

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Riccie said...

The guy sounds like a genius. I've got a ton of nutty phone stories...yesterday afternoon a lady told me that I was the kindest person she'd ever spoken with at my company and wanted to pass along the compliment. I thanked her and tactfully told her it is my job to take care of her issues. She seemed grateful. Not two hours later I had this guy come on spitting fire. Nothing would calm him down. He ended up calling me a j*ck*ss and a pr*ck...(uh...I'm female...I thought that one was reserved for males?) and he hung up on me. What he doesn't know is how much I laughed my *ss off at him...and continue to do so. People that ignorant make me laugh!