Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rebound from feeling down and questions about Tree Town

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I think I did for the most part... Worked at the hospital all day on Saturday and was supposed to go to a graduation party... instead, I walked down to the local watering hole and chowed down on a burger and had one beer. I didn't feel like going and hanging out with the high school kids. I was thinking about my dad. I wasn't completely depressed or anything like that, but it's coming up on one year since he passed away and I have been thinking about him alot lately. I was asked by one of my sisters to bring over the DVD that me and my friend made of my dad that was shown at the mortuary. I knew I didn't want to watch it again and go down memory lane. But I watched it anyway... I watched it and cried like a baby... I really miss him. But I felt sooooooooooo much better afterwards. I went and dropped it off at my sister's. She popped it in and promptly wept. But again, she felt better. I needed to let that pain out of my system and continue with life... I left there and had a smile on my face. I just did... went to the women's football team end of the season party. Turns out it's the end of the Toledo Spitfire party... The franchise is being moved to Ann Arbor, MI and be known as the Tree Town Spitfire. Some of the players will stay with the team, others will not. Some of the coaches will be leaving. A couple of others will stay. It's going to be different. I think the team is under the impression that I'll be coming back. To be honest, I'm not so sure. I'm getting tire of everything (losing, dissention in the ranks, etc...) and I may need a break and do something else next spring... we shall see... if I had to decide right now, I wouldn't be back. I'd leave... but I love the ownership, they are really wonderful people... I guess I don't love them enough to stay... but I love them alot... Man, I wish hockey season would get here... ha!


Riccie said...

ohh Mik..((Mik))
Speaking of hockey season...when does that begin again?

Mik said...

Labor Day weekend September 2/3 ahhh yes, I can't wait!