Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crash, Bang, Wallop!

Okay, I realize I am not a spring chicken any more, but I do still enjoy the change of seasons. I'm still a fan of winter even though my better half cannot stand it. She hates cold weather period. I enjoy the cold and the snow more than I should and the first snow we had should have taught me a lesson. I went out early in the morning to scrape the ice and snow off of my car before work. I wasn't exactly dressed for success but I had just figured I'd finish doing that and then head back into the house and get dressed for work. Well I went out and attempted to walk behind my car and head to the passenger side to scrape the winter elements off of my windows. As I started to turn to come up the passenger side, I went to pivot my foot to make the turn and it turned out to be a patch of ice. OOPS! My feet went flying in the air and when I came down, my knees were the impact point (along with my back which I tried to twist onto as I was coming down and failed miserably) and I ended up lying in the street for about 10 minutes trying to absorb the shock, which transitioned to pain. My knees were on fire, my back felt like it was lying on another street and yet all I could think about was the gal pal saying "I hate Siberia" (her term for where I live... gotta love them there and reminding me that it's warm in the south. My next thought was of getting up and realizing that I had to scoot away from the ice on the street so that I could force my big butt up and I had to get to work yet. I was able to get back up and realized that I'm not 20 any more as every inch of my body felt like it was beat up. If I was a horse, I think that I would be looking at the glue factory. Still pretty sore but lots of ice and the odd medicine or two and I will be fine. I guess maybe now I'll have some extra time to start writing a little more on


Lynne said...

Ouch Mik! I've been there, done that and hopefully will not do it again! Hope you're on the mend!

Carolyn said...

Mik I have been so incredibly busy and you've been in my thoughts a lot. I have meant for a while to come visit.
Oh boy do I know the feeling of not being 20 anymore lol. I learned that a few years ago playing hide and seek outside with my son, tripping and falling while trying to run and get 'home free'. Sigh.
I'm glad you didn't break anything. And it cracks me up that you still call your sweety the 'gal pal'.:)
God Bless. Please forgive me for not visiting very much, but you all are still in my prayers and thoughts often!