Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Happy Skate

Man, I am whipped. I spent this past week on the shelf with no voice, and my head snotting up to epic proportions. I didn't leave the house and as much as I don't like spending too much time at home doing nothing, I spent this week just shutting up and resting, trying to get better quickly. Playoffs started this week for the Cherokee hockey team and we're doing a special event this afternoon featuring Gliding Stars. They're a program that teaches special needs kids (and adults) how to skate and then they appear in a show where as a group they participate in some skating routines. It's not Brian Orser or Dorothy Hamill in terms of performance, but these folks give it their all and I try to act like I've seen it all and been there before but my heart just melts when I see these beautiful people struggle and then succeed as they skate (with the help of some amazing volunteers out there with them) on the ice. And it's in a small arena, about 1,500 capacity, but the place is absolutely packed. We're going to film it out there to air on TV next week. I just hope I don't blow it by stuttering or being a big idiot on screen. I want those folks to get the full professional broadcast treatment...

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Lynne said...

What a lovely moment to be involved with in making our "special need" individuals well feel special! :-)

My sister's family has a child born with Downs Syndrome and her other daughter has two children born with autism.

When I read about such events being carried out, my heart swims with pride with how hard I see my sister and her family members work with their own "special need" children on the day-to-day. I also applaud the many volunteers out there whom often are family members too that are willing to work towards giving our special kids and adults their moment, whether it be a class room achievement, a movie moment, or in the case you mention on the ice. Just makes me smile inside! God Bless and I know you'll ace it!