Thursday, June 02, 2011

Oh Deer...

So here we are heading into summer ( I don't think anyone reads my blog from the southern hemisphere) and man oh man is the weather messed up. My thoughts and PRAYERS go to the fine folks in Tuscaloosa, Joplin, and Springfield (both IL and MA). This is plain nutty.
Speaking of weird, I went down to see the gal pal (always a picker upper) and we got to spend a couple of nice days together. On my way back home, I began to notice something that I wasn't particularly aware of prior to this past weekend. At first, I saw a deer that had been run over and it's remains were on the side of the highway. Never a nice thing but I understand that when these creatures dart out in front of the semi-trucks that are going full tilt carrying their loads, that things like that can happen. What struck me as odd, was that I didn't even go a half mile (or kilometer for those of you outside of the States), before I saw another deer that had been mowed down on the highway. I think the thing that I thought most bizarre was that usually, the folks that take care of the highways in their areas, usually are first to clean up any unfortunate mishaps like this. I guess it wasn't in the budget this year because as I drove over a 2-hour span, I must've saw about a dozen deer who where struck down by oncoming traffic. Of course, me being the type of goofball that I am, the first thing that occurred to me was "awww... potential Bambi and Thumper..." of course the next thought I had wasn't quite so nice because I thought of the old Gary Larson cartoon "The Far Side" and the cartoon where he has Santa at a keyboard and the title of Santa's entry was.... "Nine Ways to Make Venison..." I know, I know.... I'm such a dork!


Carolyn said...

Mik, I was saying 'poor deer' until I read the crack about Gary Larson. Man, it doesn't surprise me at ALL that you like his cartoons too- we've both got a sick humor don't we LOL!!! Actually, I really am an animal lover, so it is sad to hear about all the deer roadkills (have you ever seen what a MOOSE can do to a semi? It ain't pretty either!)
Anyway, love animals, but in the economy many of us are probably wondering why all that good venison was left for the vultures?
Sorry for any PETA or vegetarians who may read this- no offense really meant.
God Bless you Mik- Glad you could have a couple of days with her though :-)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It sure does seem like there is more road kill this year.

madcobug said...

That was a lot of deer in that space of time. That seems odd. Helen