Friday, July 16, 2010

Doesn't Seem Like Five...

Hmmmmm... had a nice birthday yesterday. Moving into official middle-age didn't seem like to big a deal until I tried to mess around with my sister's dog Lucy. I went over there yesterday cause they wanted to make a nice meal for me for the birthday. I enjoyed it and started getting playful with Lucy. I was in the backyard and thought about running around the yard with her. That's when it hit me... wholly crap I can't run like this dog can. I just smiled at her, left her in the back yard and walked back in to the air conditioning and just said the heck with it.
Well, it was five years ago today that my dad went to heaven. I miss him. He was a good guy and he loved his family. Part of me wishes he was still here. But the overall feeling I have is that I don't wish him back. I know he's in paradise and with my mom whom he loved like crazy. Why would I be so selfish and wish him back to here? It wouldn't be right. I know he's not suffering from the ravages of cancer anymore and he is enjoying life in eternity. That's a pretty cool thing and I won't want him back when he is free from pain and misery. But it's been five years and I know that he's at peace... I still miss him though... Still, thanks dad! I appreciate all that you did for me to show me how to live and to love. Thank you ol' man... you're the best! I love you a ton!


Joann said...

Awww, I know the feeling... it was five years for my dad last month. And although he didn't suffer any long term illness, I know that he's still much more peaceful in Heaven than he would be here... how can one NOT be, right?!?! = )

That was a nice tribute to him, Mik!! Hugz to you.

And Happy Belated Birthday!!

madcobug said...

Happy belated Birthday Mik. We still miss our loved ones no matter how many years have passed.Great tribute you did to your Dad. Have a nice weekend. Helen

FrankandMary said...

Happy Birthday to you, Mik.

A lovely tribute to your dad.

You are not old-HOWEVER-you are old enough to get married. Uhm, I'm just sayin....~Mary

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Mik~!

Nice tribute to your Dad


Carolyn said...

Mik, that was sweet. It'll be the best though, and worth the wait, no matter how much we miss them- when we can see them again, with our Lord, all face to face and never having to part again!
God Bless you brother and friend of mine! Oh, and on getting older? I know the feeling. Can't run around like a 9 year old playing hide and seek. It's dangerous to my health (and my ego LOL!)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Happy Birthday, I lost my dad in 1990, and my father-in-law this year. They both are still raw.