Thursday, March 12, 2009

It Figures...

Here I am, trying to recover from this nasty cold and coughing up lung oysters and nurse this sore throat back to health because I have to broadcast hockey this weekend on Toledo Sports Radio... Anyway, during this time, I get a text from my sister Terri telling me that my sister Lou is in the hospital having some (minor) surgery and wanted to know if I could check on her. Whaaaat!??? Um, could you at least have let me know that she was going to go in there in the first place. Oh well. Such is life. Anyhow, my youngest sister is texting me from the cafeteria of the hospital that I work at. I'm plopped on the couch, being thankful that my fever broke and that I'm able to breath reasonably again. It goes something like this...

Angie: "Hey, I'm in the cafeteria! where are you"

Me: "I'm home sick on the couch, trying to breathe"

Angie: "I guess that rules out you buying me lunch."

Me: "Ok, um, what's the word on Lou?"

Angie: "Just went back, she'll be able to go home in 2 hours"

Me: "alright, let me know how it goes. nobody in this family let's me know about anything until 6 months after the fact. I didn't know about this until 20 minutes ago."

Angie: "In that case I'll text you in December"

Me: "Merry freakin' Christmas"

I come from a family of whackos... Lou is home and recovering nicely by the way. Not that anybody in my family was willing to volunteer that info right away... ugh... I am just starting to move around and feel a bit better. Still coughing lots but otherwise, I'm feeling better.


Lynne said...

I had something similar and it lasted a month. Glad you feel better, God Bless!

Indigo said...

Hope your feeling better soon Mik. My daughter is the same way. She just went to the drs. today and I still haven't heard how it's going. It's all due to her being in the hospital for a week last summer. It drives me nuts.

As for the gal pal on the last entry, she really loves you know. I'm still waiting for you to ask her to marry you. She's a catch in a half. (Hugs)Indigo

ADB said...

Get well soon, Mik, and take it easy with that nasty cold

Carolyn said...

Mik- even when your family is in chaos, you still crack me up. I'm glad things are OK with Lou now. I kind of know the feeling. Anything happens to my family members back home, I'm not told about it until after the fact, or if it's something serious involving surgery, I'm in the dark until the day before! ARG! I can understand that though- they don't want me to worry. Your situation seems different though somehow :0) Hope you're feeling better by now, seeing as I'm only now reading this uh- 5 days after you posted it! God Bless you Mik- and thank you for your sweet and thoughtful words to me. You're a tremendous source of encouragement to me!!