Friday, March 30, 2007

An Odd Place To Be... Home!

I'm sitting here in a very foriegn place... my couch! I'm used to being at work and then packing my bags for a road trip to broadcast sports. But since my team didn't make it to nationals, this weekend, here I be... I am not sure what I should do. I have spent most of the last two days sleeping. I am usually up tuning in 'fox and friends' at 6am and enjoying a good morning with Steve, Gretchen, and Brian... I decided that tonight I am going to drive over to Fort Wayne, Indiana and catch a Komets hockey game. I have never been to one and since I have the weekend off, hey- why not?
It's really odd for me to have this much time to myself. A couple of friends at work wanted me to spend the weekend doing normal 'guy' things... y'know... clubbing, all the other things that THEY do... I smiled and am opting for hitting the road for Ft. Wayne. Nothing wrong with what they do... They like doing their thing. I have no problem with that. I may take them up on it some time. But I just prefer to go out of town tonight to catch a hockey game and maybe sneak in a little golf... ahhhh yes, GOLF... my favorite four letter word! :) How could someone who loves golfing as much as I do be so incredibly horrible at it? ahhhh yes, GOLF...

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Jackson said...

Daddy loves golf but he never gets time to play so he sucks too although he can drive the ball great.
Somehow I can't picture you "clubbing" mik. hehe