Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sleepless In Seatt... er... my place!

Will someone please take my pulse to make sure I'm alive? lol... I was a complete walking zombie on Saturday night during the Cherokee broadcast. I got a couple of emails from people that heard the broadcast online and were very concerned because I sounded so miserable. I appreciate the concern and for the record, I feel much better now. Thank the Lord. I tried to sleep during the day today, but I kept doing little errands and finally settled down tonight after dinner. Now more random thoughts.
Saw my sister Lou today. She looked awful. She was hacking and coughing and was all kinds of miserable. I was worried about her cause the chemo treatments she's taking have really kicked her butt like nobody's business... She still puts up a brave face, but I know this whole mess is really bringing her down. Spent some time with my nephew today. Tony and I went shopping (i'm almost embarrassed to admit this)... for... (gag)... clothes! There... I said it... two guys shopping for clothes. Thank GOD we're related otherwise I'd worry about 'brokeback' jokes... and NOOOO neither of us asked the other if our butts looked big... We had a pretty good time together. It was kind of strange. He and I don't see each other a great deal but we're still pretty close. He asked me today if I ever talk to or see my former girlfriend. I smiled and said 'no honey, we don't have any contact with each other.'... In the past, I might have added some nasty editorial comments to the answer. But as I said in previous posts, I've left that time of my life in the past, and tossed everything else in the trash can. I think the last time I tried to contact her was back in January. But anyway, Tony asked a couple of more questions about her and instead of trying to slam her, I was polite and just said something like "it didn't work out but it's for the best... for both of us... we're both much happier" and he finished with his questions and dropped it. I must be getting old or something. Normally, considering the circumstances, I would have said something much more negative if he had asked me this about 7 months ago. But by the spring, I made my peace with it and left it at the foot of the cross. And I am soooo much happier now and glad she's gone. I mean no malice with that comment... I'm happier without her than I was with her... 'nuff said. Stay warm everyone... unless you're in Hawaii... (hi Tina)

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